Saturday, January 24, 2009

Featherwinds, Leavenworth Lodging

This is part two of a news statement by Featherwinds Lodging, LLC. The second part of this news statement provides more history and background of Featherwinds Lodging. It also provides more current and up to date information as well as sample menus.

    Our Romantic Weekend includes it all; dozen roses, special gift package, romantic dinner for two and a two night stay. Our Romantic Weekend truly is a romantic time to remember. The romantic, succulent dinner includes: personal, 6.5oz filet mignon, pastry wrapped Beef (or chicken) Wellington, vegetables such as cardamom carrots and asparagus, appetizers, tasty, fresh garden salad and dressing, sparkling beverage, and ending with the signature cake, topped with fresh roses and sparkling cider along the side. Dessert is delivered to the guests' suite will they are enjoying the candle lit, romantic dining, ending the evening with a special surprise.

We offer the best in fresh foods in our catering here at Featherwinds and absolutely the finest in presentation as well. Often our salmon is direct from the waters of Alaska. Aside from serving the finest foods, the cutting edge for us is the ability to have an event that includes fresh flowers and table arrangements for our weddings. We have certified florists on site, with virtually no limitations, our wedding cakes are baked fresh (never frozen) and decorated here at Featherwinds. Our on-site coordinators help you plan your wedding or event, walking you through from start to finish, planning every detail with you. Our coordinators don't stop there; they are with you during your wedding or event, not only for support, but to help facilitate the planned details. One can arrive with a wedding dress and tuxedo, if desired, having accomplished all decision making through our on-site coordinators, an initial site visit and meeting, with follow ups often done by emails, and have a wonderful wedding or event.

An example of the cutting edge; for many of our clients, in our often hectic life style, is the ability to plan a surprise Fiftieth Anniversary for parents. Disguised as a visit to see our wonderful Inn, mom and dad are presented with a corsage and boutonniere by their children. Then proceeding out to our huge covered deck, the family and guests enjoy a filet of salmon dinner with all the trimmings. A specialty cake adorned with gold string work and white roses, for the special couple and the family. Pictures are always memorable. We have a many areas specifically designed for photo opportunities for the family and guests to honor the special couple.

Simply put, we offer the best of foods, presentation, follow through from initial meeting to departure for any stay at Featherwinds; whether it is a one night visit, a group event, wedding or retreat. Our on-site coordinators are exceptional and effective in handling any issue that presents itself. Our guest books say so much!

The following are just a few samplings of our menu for a weekend stay. Our menus for large events are varied and offer many options for almost any budget.

Our next blog post will include examples of menus for a weekend stay here at Featherwinds.

Warmest wishes,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Featherwinds, Leavenworth Lodging

This is part one of a news statement by Featherwinds Lodging, LLC. The news statement provides background, history and present information regarding Featherwinds. From nightly accommodations to destination weddings, Featherwinds is unique in their abilities and what they have to offer their guests.

    Our family is privileged to be part of the ever-growing industry referred to as, Bed and Breakfasts. We now are going on twenty years since the inception of Featherwinds and in an industry of many short timers, we still get a kick out of guests and enjoy who and what we encounter in our profession. Having built each of our facilities, we find ourselves in the unique niche of an ever-growing story of growth and service to our clients. Guests often come for a weekend and come back as a family to enjoy our area and our very special town and it's setting.

Just to be in these beautiful Cascade Mountains of Washington is one of the incredible gifts of our life that actually started with the first Christmas Lighting Festival many years ago when our children were little and my parents purchased the first property here in this recreation area for the family to enjoy.

One can never determine where the journey will take you but ours started with the actual first of our facilities, Featherwinds Bed and Breakfast. It began as we endeavored to serve the best, freshest and wholesome foods that we could and ultimately seemed to bring people back again and again. Return guests often request a breakfast or dessert they had enjoyed on a prior visit. On all weekends except holiday, festival and wedding weekends, a complimentary breakfast is delivered to our cabins. Early on we started our Cake and Champagne complimentary offering with a two night stay for anniversaries and birthdays. We found it to be tremendously successful. We have since changed to sparkling cider; however guests can bring an alcohol beverage if desired. Fresh roses, beautiful white linen with sparkling stemware with silver flatware, and a gentleman not knowing how to impress his special lady, just tipped the scale in his favor to be sure! This beautiful and delicious specialty would be delivered to their suite when they were out for the evening and always is a welcome surprise to both upon their return.

With the cake and sparkling beverage surprise we started with, we have incorporated it into the Inn that we built five years ago. The Cake and Cider is still a favored gift from us for many on a two-night stay here at Featherwinds. This gift can also be enhanced with a dozen roses and a special gift package as well if requested.

Part two of the news statement by Featherwinds Lodging, LLC, will be continued in our next posted on 1/23/09.

Warm wishes, from the staff at Featherwinds.